Why choose us?


As the business landscape is forever changing, the survival and growth of all, Small Medium Enterprises id dependent on the efficacy of its services rendered and satisfaction of it clients. Stiff competition, slow economic growth, human capital complexity, legislative compliance and technology amongst the few business challenges. Small Medium enterprises have no options but to adapt and improve to remain relevant.

LA TWEENS(Pty)Ltd understands the dynamics of self starting businesses in rural and peri urban communities and the lack of the required infrastructure to sustain businesses and provides solutions that promotes cooperation, co-loading, load scheduling as it major competitive advantage and further takes a holistic business review against best practice and formulate a viable operations stratetigies that are cost effective yet impacts the bottomline positivesly.

We challenge you to partner with us in making your business dependable, pro-active, cost effective through a safe and reliable logistics and transport management to achieve your desired business goals.



La Tweens(Pty)Ltd is a proudly South African self-starting Black women wholly owned business conceived and founded by Ms.Zinhle Gasa having acquired working experience at the family farm specialising in rural sand mining, stone aggregates mining and crushing, sugar cane and tea tree plantation. Transportation and stock pile handling and the reliability and dependability of transporters in the area has always been a challenge as transporters would require a certain volume before they could collect commodity to the prescribed destination.  It is in this regard that Ms. Gasa took this gap as an opportunity to exploit and formed a less complicated blended transport and logistics flexible enough to provide mixed loads, co loading amongst small scale farmers in the area and also to demystify the notion the success of transport and logistics business is dependent on masculinity and it is not designed for women.

The business currently amongst its fleet owns excavators, one tonner bakkies for small loads , eight to ten cubed sand tippers and horse and trailers that has capacity of up to thirty four tons to transport sand and stone, sugar cane and tea tree and mining minerals like coal and chrome.

Our Vision


To be a preferred transport and logics service provider of choice through reliable and safe transportation of goods/cargo and value add without compromising service standards.

Our Mission

  • La Tweens Logistics (Pty) LTD.’ mission is to provide a reliable yet efficient transportation service experience that will guarantee repeat business and referrals.
  • We exist to attract customers, acquire new business, retain existing profitable customers, expand our offering and act as a support pillar in their businesses without compromising their business deliverable.
  • we strive to exceed our customer`s expectations at all times so as to maximise our profits through customer loyalty and strong service recovery and relationship management supported by ethical business practices.


  • La Tweens (Pty)Ltd `s approach and interactions with our clients and within the organisations itself are centred around the values below;

    • To treat everyone with HONESTY and RESPECT.
    • To be PROFESSIONAL and SERVICE ORIENTED in all our business dealings.
    • To embrace DIVERSITYEMPOWER women and people with disabilities in our communities.

Get to knowour team




A philanthropist and entrepreneur managing multiple self-starting entities with over ten years plantation farming as well as transport and logistics. A visionary and strategist that identifies gaps as an opportunity that translate into viable and self-sustained businesses. Over the years she has successfully built capacity of the family businesses to ensure that scale up and gain market share and actively participate in the economy whilst creating social impact in the Umzumbe district through sustainable jobs.



A people`s person that is attentive to detail understanding how legislative and regulatory compliance is critical in running a reputable business. Her passion for people makes acquiring and expansion of business easier and salvaging relationship methodologies ensure customer retention and commendable service recovery which improves client satisfaction and derive value for entrusting their services with the company.



A financial management and risk averse professional that understands the importance of financial management and risk mitigating strategies to ensure the business stays afloat and can honour its short term financial obligations. She has successfully ensure there are collections strategies in place to build a strong cash flow for the business whilst also assessing would be debtors prudently to a certain they are not over exposed which may later affect the business.